"Great price for your complete exhaust system! - EXHAUSSYSTEM M complete set - for a very merry Christmas!"

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Promotion code only valid on 09.12.2019. The prices are “incl. VAT” and plus freight.

Delivery: We regret that due to the high demand it can lead to longer delivery times!


We treat ourselves to a break and have closed from 21.12.2019 until 06.01.2020. During this time we are unfortunately not available and ask for your understanding. From 07.01.2020 we are available again with full commitment!

*The set includes:

7121110022 Exhaust Manifold for Cylinder 2 & 3
7121110012 Exhaust Manifold for Cylinder 1 & 4
7121110071 Gasket for Exhaust Manifold
7121110111 Centering Ring
7121110091 Hexagon Nut M8-MS (copper)
7121110101 Washer 8,5X16X4 – Exhaust Manifold
7121121251 Seal Rings
7121121212 Shackle
28773 Spring L=58,5MM
7121121291 Clamping Clip
7121121332-90 Piece of a Sleeve
7121121241 Gasket for Silencer
3040320080-06 Nut M8
D001270043 Spring Ring B8
7121121241 Gasket for Silencer
9001905 Fixing Stud M8X20-8.8
D001270043 Spring Ring B8
3040320080-06 Nut M8
7121121121-29 Strap  ( KTL )
0009310082-51 Hexagon Bolt M8X75 8.8
0009330082-90 Hexagon Bolt M8X16-8.8
3040170080-27 Hexagon Bolt M8X30-8.8
7121121192-90 Silencer
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