"Gasoline in the blood, spark plug on the tree! Or rather an ignition distributor? "Christmas is approaching and PUCH guarantees again today for a Top Christmas Special!

The Promotion Code for today:


Attention: The pictures above are symbol pictures.

IGNITION DISTRIBUTOR without distributor cap
399,00 €
IGNITION PLUG (shield) SET consisting of 4 pcs.
324,00 € (4 pcs.)

More information about the products you find at www.puch.at, via e-mail puch@s-tec.at or by cellphone number +43 3112 9000 – 0. (The pictures above are symbol pictures.)

The order with the promotional prices can only be made by e-mail! Send an e-mail to puch@s-tec.at and include the mentioned coupon code in the subject line of your e-mail.

Promotion code only valid on 13.12.2019. The prices are “incl. VAT” and plus freight.

Delivery: We regret that due to the high demand it can lead to longer delivery times!


We treat ourselves to a break and have closed from 21.12.2019 until 06.01.2020. During this time we are unfortunately not available and ask for your understanding. From 07.01.2020 we are available again with full commitment!

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