PUCH Special Christmas discount. 25% on all stored Pinzgauer parts.

The Promotion Code for today:


Attention: The pictures above are symbol pictures.

Only today you will receive a special discount of 25% on all Pinzgauer parts in stock. (valid also on action parts) Now strike and save Christmas discount before the Christ child rolls up.


More information about the products you find at www.puch.at, via e-mail puch@s-tec.at or by cellphone number +43 3112 9000 – 0. (The pictures above are symbol pictures.)

Send an e-mail to puch@s-tec.at and include the mentioned coupon code in the subject line of your e-mail. Or shop on our website www.puch.at and enter the current coupon code in the field “Coupon”.

Promotion code only valid on 15.12.2019.

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